Upcoming QUAM NFTs update

As our protocol grows, we intent to award various benefits to the LUCKY holders of QUAM STRONG HANDS NFTs.

All valid participants will be airdropped NFTs from the Quam Originals created by NFT artists we collaborate with.

Benefits can vary from feeless trading to better % yield, better lending rate or even more. We will let our community decide the rewards at a later stage!

So how do you earn these RARE NFTs?

Requirements: STAKE your QUAM for 30 full days

⚙️Stake over 5000 QUAM- IRON hands

🏆 Stake over 50000 QUAM — PLATINUM hands

💎Stake over 100000 QUAM — DIAMOND hands


Farm & lock, burn and staking detailed information

The farming rewards come from the farming reserve.

We managed to find an optimised and at the same time very unique solution to blend the already well known “one side burn” and “market buy” altogether.


  1. High APY first 7 days, 25% of the rewards during those 7 days are unlocked (during these days, 36 QUAM/block — 3s/block will be rewarding farmers and stakers).
  2. Two weeks after the high APY period, the rest of the rewards start to get unlocked gradually over a 30 day period.
  3. Rewards created after the HIGH APY period…


Seed Sale — 5% (5 months Vesting) 20% Initial unlock then 20% per month Seed round already sold out to Strategic partners & Early Backers.

Private Sale — 15% (5 months Vesting) 20% initial unlock then 20% per month

Public Sale — 4.4% Full unlock on listing

Marketers Public Sale — 2% Full unlock on listing

Pancake Liquidity — 1.6% Full unlock on listing

Liquidity Mining — 20% Mintable (With one side burn customizations)

Marketing — 10% (6 months Vesting) 20% Initial unlock

Team — 10% (6 months Vesting) 20% Initial unlock

Advisors — 2%


Since 2019, the block chain industry has undergone breath taking changes. Decentralized finance — DeFi continues to grow at an exponential rate. The total value locked in different DeFi protocols has exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars. With the continuous development of numerous on-chain assets and off-chain assets going on-chain, we believe that the Total Value Locked in DeFi protocols will soon exceed 100 billion U.S. dollars. These on-chain assets require fast, frictionless, trustfree, and real-time exchange services. The DeFi space already covers the complete value chain of any sophisticated modern financial ecosystem — at least in…



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